5 tips how to get into your creative zone when you lack motivation

Often I ge

t this question from people I mentor, and often I have asked this question to myself in the past.

Let’s be honest, it’s naturally impossible to feel motivated and unlocked all the time. (Even machines crash!) It’s not a surprise that when we are in that blue dark-ish moment we see everything as too hard to achieve. That dream we have been following until yesterday all of sudden has become a distant mirage that vanishes into the mist.

Whether it is for the environment that surrounds us (with no other creatives or dynamic/active people around to share our thoughts with) or for those long dark cold winter days that make you want to hibernate, or perhaps for those deep fears that block your willingness to go ahead, or maybe because you have some other temporary burden in your head, or maybe you think that nobody around you believes in you, or because you haven’t seen any result of all your hard effort yet… when you get so low and down, you feel deeply demotivated, sad and lost.

When that blue comes around, here is what I do.

1. Stay in silence and feel yourself

Too often when we get into that inner dark zone instead of understanding what is happening, we bomb ourselves with plenty of stimuli to shut that scary inner voice up.

Stop. Stay still. Shut up that noisy world outside. Silence everything. Listen to your inner self. It’s got something to tell you. Don’t force that voice into action, at least not before you have become aware of what is its message.

This is the moment when you need to take that precious time just for yourself in order to nurture your creative soul. Perhaps you may want to write down your feelings or maybe you can let everything go for the rest of the day. Maybe you can go for a lonely walk into nature, just in that park close to you. Whatever you do, do it slowly, in silence and alone.

Only when you slow down and you are in silence, your brain spontaneously releases substances necessary to your growth and to the awareness of those feelings that cannot be explained with words. It’s exactly from this feeling of darkness and emptiness that your creativity will resurface.

2. Feel at one with the cycles of nature

There is a small cherry tree outside my bedroom window. Its leaves go from pink, to green, to yellow, to red, to death. Then the cycle restarts.

That tree is my guru. When I feel stuck, low and demotivated as if my capacity to dream, my creative ideas together with my joy in making art have disappeared forever, instead of phoning people, get distracted or get into desperation, I turn my gaze to that cherry tree and he says: “Nature has its cycles. Every season is necessary for the next. Nobody can change that. Nature has its time. It’s not fast. It’s not slow. It’s just its time. Winter is a long season. True. Yet there is not a single day in winter I’m exactly the same of the day before. Nature evolves, even when you don’t notice it.

The calming power of nature is enormous. Don’t ever underestimate it. Be aware of its cycles and be aware that we are part of it. Isn’t that beautiful that we humans have our seasons as well? Your winter is necessary for your next bloom. And when you think you are stuck, you are actually evolving, transforming, even if you don’t notice it.

3. Give yourself the right to play

Sometimes that inner voice is simply trying to give us a bit of discomfort because she wants us to get a powerful message: Change something! Do it in a different way! Have fun in what you are doing!

So, stop. Tune into your feeling and express it by using a tool or a medium or a way/style you have not used recently or ever. Activate your creativi