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About me

I'm an Italian multidisciplinary landscape artist based in London. I work with painting, collage and photography.

I create evocative landscapes devoid of human presence as an invitation to the viewer to treasure and guard the pure beauty of our natural environment, to worship its sacred essence, to embrace its untamed spirit. 


The inspiration for the atmospheric landscapes starts in my childhood. 
I grew up in a small hilly town in Southern Italy in the middle of vineyards and wild fields. I used to play outdoors, borrowing toys from mother nature, from branches to animal bones. I recall vast horizons, the voice of the winds, the scents and the intense hues of the world around me.


What you experience in childhood stays with you forever.
I now find myself travelling to faraway destinations 
in the wilderness or where the land is not significantly modified by the humans, and creating landscapes using rainwater, natural pigments, minerals,  feathers, leaves, twigs, bones, stones.
I always carry watercolour sketchbooks with me to record my explorations while travelling. By observing and noting , I see how everything is interconnected. By doing so, my trips become a source of philosophical and spiritual insight. 
Once back in my studio my process takes a meditative dimension. I visualise the landscapes to portray with the help of minimal piano or biologically inspired electroacoustic
 music and let my selective memory bring back mood, shapes, lines, colours, feelings  to evoke the emotions I’ve experienced in that particular scene. 

In the painting process I co-create with nature. I make marks to be freely  continued by the natural forces such as gravity and capillarity like musicians in a jazz jam session. 

I regularly show my work in exhibitions in UK and internationally and collaborate with interior designers.  
My paintings are owned across the world, have been featured in book designs
 and recently appeared in The Flux Review magazine. 

I'm a member of: 


"Blues" at The Auction Collective in 2019
Menier Gallery, London 

“Away, away, from men and towns,
To the wild wood and the downs, 
To the silent wilderness,
Where the soul need not repress its music.”
—Percy Bysshe Shelley


Teaching & Coaching has always been a big part of my life. 

I'm qualified Award for Education and Training Level 3
regularly lecture in Universities in the UK and abroad and I volunteer for NGOs across the world.

I'm adjunct professor at
IULM University in Milan where I'm lecturer in Visual Design & Digital Creativity for the Arts in Master's Degree & PhD Courses.

You can follow my papers and researches
- Google Scholar 

- Research Gate

My  background in design and photography
( ) allows me to help people to get a better sense of visual awareness: from composition to colour, from shapes to harmony and final visual message. My focus is not only on techniques but an important aspect is how to tackle artist blocks, how to develop creativity and how to trust instinct. 

Being  an entrepreneur (co-founder and creative director at since 2007, I also mentor and coach artists who want to develop further the business side of their art practice. 


Volunteering in Cambodia, in 2017
at the Art Academy in Phnom Penh



* AET, Level 3 Award in Education and Training (The City and Guilds of London Institute, 2016)

* Insights for Creative Innovation - Design Thinking (IDEO, 2016) 
* Photography (London College of Communication, University of the Arts, 2006) 

* Oriental Studies (MA in Foreign Literatures, Istituto Orientale, Napoli, Italy, 1997)

Other certificates and in-depth courses:


* Watercolour with Minna Stevens at Heatherley School of Fine Art, London, 2015
* Watercolour with Charles Williams at Royal Watercolour Society, London, 2014
* Oil Painting with Peter Fleming (New English Art Club) at Chelsea College of Art, London, 2013
* Renaissance Oil Painting with David Cranswick, The Prince's School of Traditional Arts, London, 2011

* The Alchemy of Colour with David Cranswick at The Princes School of Traditional Arts, London, 2011

* Mixed Media Painting with Caroline List at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, 2010 

Selected exhibitions and art fairs


- "Pushing Paper", Rupture Gallery, London 26th June - 2nd  July

- "HOME", The Department Store, Brixton, London 20th - 29th Oct

- "SFSA Paintin 2023", No Format Gallery, London, 1st - 7th Dec


- "SFSA Painting 2022", No Format Gallery, London 2nd - 11th  Dec

- "Legacy" , Group Show, The Crypt, London, 5th -12th September

- Highgate Contemporary Art Gallery, London, Group Show, Oct-Nov

- Highgate Contemporary Art Gallery, London, Group Show, Nov-Dec

- Highgate Contemporary Art Gallery, London, Group Show, 2 April - 31 May


- Roy's People Art Fair, 4-7 april, Bargehouse OXO Tower, London 

- Swiss Art Expo, Zurich - 15th - 19th August

- Open Studio - Peckham Festival, September, London

- Open Studio - Nunhead Art Trail, September, London
- Roy's People Art Fair, 3-6 October The Old Truman Brewery, London

- Highgate Gallery, London, 3rd October - 2nd November

- The Auction Collective - Exhibition and Auction at Menier Gallery, London 2-7 December 2019

- "Winter Exhibition" at 155a Artists Space, East Dulwich, London
- Roy's People Art Fair, Bargehouse OXO Tower, London

- Open Studio - Peckham Festival, London

- Open Studio - Nunhead Art Trail, London


- "Land" Group Show, Portico Gallery, London

- Open Studio - Peckham Festival, London

- Open Studio - Nunhead Art Trail, London

"Explorations" Micheko Galerie, Germany


"Splash of Colour", Art in the City, Milan, Italy

"Artfinder Pop-up" at Blackhall Studios, Shoreditch, London


"Contrast & Conflicts" East Gallery Shoreditch, London


In 2013 I founded Art in the City Milano in Italy, with the help of a few amazing people. 

A 4-year temporary art gallery and project space based in the heart of the historical centre of Milano in an unused venue with the aim to provide:
* a collaborative space for members to develop their artistic projects
* a gallery for members and non member artists working in any field of art to showcase their work

* an informal co-working environment for creatives

The dynamic exhibition and workshop programme provided a platform for emerging and established artists to show new work and create new networks and partnerships.

After 4 years the hiring contract got to an end.
I'm now working to launch a similar concept in London
where I permanently live. 

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