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  • Stefania Boiano

My Dorset watercolours on BBC DIY SOS

I was proud to be asked by the BBC’s ‘DIY SOS -The Big Build’ Series 30 if I could donate my ‘Dorset’ triptych prints to their Torquay project.

In Torquay, the DIY SOS team and local volunteers help Stuart, a single father with progressive multiple sclerosis since his daughter Lauren turned 15. Stuart, 6'7" tall, sleeps and lives in a chair in the living room and is cared for by his blind mother, Grandma Lin. The goal is to bring the family together and improve their living situation.

Many thanks to Mel Massey the lead interior designer, for selecting my limited edition prints and giving me the chance to play the tiniest part in helping Stuart and his family feel loved by the wider community.

Tune in tonight at 8pm to watch it …You might even catch a glimpse of my prints.

"It feels like a home, which I don't think it ever has done. I honesty couldn't have wished for anything better than this." - Stuart

My Dorset limited edition prints are available on my Etsy Shop


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