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Art Workshops & Creative  Coaching in London

For a while your life has taken a different direction, away from art, your creative inner voice doesn't stop telling you "make art!" and you don't know where to start from; maybe you think it's too late or perhaps you feel a bit lost because there is so much to learn.
I'm here to help you to find your way. 
Below you’ll find wonderful ways for you to get inspired and nourish your creative spirit.
My approach is gentle, inspirational, enthusiastic and goal focused.
last updated: february 2022. 

* 1 : 1 Coaching Sessions are fully booked and at the moment I'm not taking new bookings until further notice.

* In person group workshops are suspended until further notice, due to my long covid condition.

To get in contact for specific requests please fill in the contact form

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Take care & keep creating beauty for this world.


“Not only inspirational. Stefania's class has been truly wonderful! Her experimental approach has made me appreciate the playful side of watercolour” 

—  Victoria

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