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Art  Coaching


1 : 1 Coaching Sessions are fully booked.
Due to my long covid condition I'm not taking new bookings until further notice.

If you would like to be updated when I resume my tutoring
please do get in contact and/or sign up to my newsletter at the bottom of this page.


  • find yourself creatively stuck

  • lack inspiration or overwork what you are doing

  • don't get artworks finished

  • want to be more creative in your work and loosen up

  • want to silence your inner critique

  • want to be supported in finding a new creative direction

  • have had bad criticism in the past which has created a block in your art 

  • don't feel satisfied about your art

  • don't feel confident to start making art

  • find excuses not to make art

  • have always been dreaming of making art but you don't know where to start from

  • make art but you prevent yourself from promoting or showing it

  • want to suffer less, create more and enjoy life more

  • want to bring your art to the next level and start your art business


As an artist, designer, teacher, project manager, creative entrepreneur who has changed countries and who has not followed the straightforward and traditional creative and personal routes in life I know how hard it can be to find your way, your inner creative peace and the right balance between creativity and finance, passion and responsibilities.

All my life, I’ve been learning, creating, searching, experimenting, reinventing and facing up to the challenges that every creative person is confronted with. Now,  all I have learned is at your disposal – to help you be in contact with your inner creative self and create the work that has your unique signature.

My creative coaching 

I offer one to one coaching at my studio in London, at your own home or via skype, depending on what you need to achieve.

Our creative work begins by carefully looking at what you want to gain from our sessions, which might mean exploring practical techniques as well as looking at  your self-confidence, your thinking and feeling about your work or getting more organised and find time for your art in your daily busy life.

Some of the areas we might look at:

  • Techniques for loosening up

  • How you choose what to work with

  • How to keep your creative energy flowing

  • Planning and creating work

  • How to use colour 

  • How to get your work completed

  • Ideas about creativity

  • Your inner critic

  • Your creative support network

  • How to show your work independently at art fairs and open studios

  • Steps towards an art business


My fee is £50 per hour (transport costs may be added if sessions will be at your home depending on the distance).

We can arrange a free 20 minute chat about how this might be for you.
You can  get in contact via email.

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