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Scent of Winter  captures a landscape where the colours and textures narrate the transition of the seasons. From the mercurial atmospheric conditions, to the autumnal hues of the flora overshadowed by snow-peaked mountains.


  • Painted by hand in London and inspired by my travels to the Scottish Highlands, this silk scarf is hand-crafted in Como, Italy.
  • It is printed on a luxury 100% silk twill with a hand rolled hem. 
  • You will receive your scarf in its elegant hand-folded origami gift envelope sealed with a wax stamp.



  • Indigo, Payne's Gray, Turquoise Blue,  Light Blue, Light Aqua Green and a touch of warm Ochre. 

Scent of Winter · Luxury silk twill 90cm

  • 90 x 90 cm
    100% Silk Twill
    Hand rolled hem

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