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My timeline

When your path is not straightforward, it's good to remind yourself where you have been, where you are coming from in order to project yourself in the coming future. 

2007 - 2008
Milan & London

2007 - 2008
Milan & London

2005 - 2007

My arrival to London has been like my own version of Alice in Wonderland. A futuristic city with all I had been dreaming for: creativity, technology, free museums, northern cold light on the river Thames and fast changing surroundings.
My adrenaline level felt immediately at ease. 

I started to work as a User Interface Designer & Web Quality Assurance Leader at Nature Publishing Group. 

2000 - 2004

My thirst for learning more about the web and design was too much to make me settle in just one place. I decided to move to Milan in search for more possibilities to widen my tech horizon. I worked for small and big visual communication commercial companies. 

I naturally started started to show an interest for Web Usability and Human Centred User Interface Design.

I quit the commercial companies as I was missing a more cultural environment.

I was extremely happy to get a job in the Web Department of The Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci.  

I designed, organised and co-founded a new format of conferences for professional Web Designers and Web Developers called Web Match (sorry not online anymore, just 1 landing page in Italian) which became very popular in Italy, for being highly interactive, very educational and perfect for networking. 

Yet my call for something more creative started to re-emerge. Felt the need to do something more challenging. 

I got an MA in Interior Design at the IED in Milan as I wanted to know more about the elements that influence the mood of people in an indoor environment, such as space, light and colours. 

I became freelancer and worked on visual interdisciplinary projects involving Graphic, Digital Visual Communication and Interior Design.

I left Milan and moved to London.

1998- 1999

My internship at Città della Scienza, the only Science Centre in Italy, got accepted.

It quickly turned into a job as I was a sort of pioneer at the Science Centre in making websites. There were only two other web geek colleagues and with them I had so much fun exploring the possibilities of the early web, when everything seemed to be possible with no monopoly from big corporations, no social media ruining your creative thinking and your sense of freedom with their algorithms, no crazy competition on google, no copy and paste templates for websites.  Your own imagination was the only limit. 

I was in charge for the websites development and web training for the Education Department and for all their projects under the Ministry of Education.

In parallel I never stopped painting.

I developed my first portfolio website for my art, pixel by pixel.


My passion for the Arts and Digital world brought me to specialise in the Development of Museums Cultural Heritage through New Technologies. 

The Web was just spreading out and I got happily trapped into its net. I taught myself how to use Photoshop and develop pages in HTML. This opened me up an entire world, a future I couldn't have imagined before.


Finished my MA degree in Arts and Humanities at the faculty of Anthropology and Comparative Literatures (French, Spanish, English and Urdu) at Istituto Orientale in Naples.

In those 4 years I also started to develop my skills for photography, fine art and the digital world.


I also worked in the Arts & Tourism in Barcelona for a year and as a translator and interpreter at the Court of Justice in Naples. 

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