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 "The microbiome is defined as the collective genomes of the microbes (composed of bacteria, bacteriophage, fungi, protozoa and viruses) that live inside and on the human body at any given time. The human microbiome has extensive functions such as development of immunity, defence against pathogens, synthesis of vitamins and fat storage as well as an influence on human behaviour, making it an essential organ of the body without which we would not function correctly"

- Nature

The microbiome represents the unseen human landscape, that world the humans rely on. This is an ongoing project I started after an health issue which brought me to know more about the world of microorganisms, especially the ones belonging to the microbiome.
My project wants to be the celebration of life,
the celebration of that invisible landscape that keeps us alive, that unseen world without which we cannot exist and rarely we are aware of.

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