Ocean Song

    • Size: 50x50x4cm
    • Acrylic, inks and oils 
    • Birch Wood panel
    • Signed and dated at the back
    • Cerficate of authenticity is included

    Inspired by the Indian Ocean, by my walks along an endless beach surrounded by the waves, the sky, all in unity in the blue, in a blue of distance.

    I have developed a technique without the use of brushes to achieve the fluidity in my work. I repetitively apply layers of watercolour pigment over several days. At each application I allow the pigment to seep into the paper naturally. As it does so the paint draws up neighbouring pigments creating a beautiful, organic blending process.

    My works is harmony between the forces of water, air and gravity.

    The artwork will be shipped in a sturdy flat box. 
    It will be securely packaged, insured and shipped through a reputable courier to ensure they reach you safely.

  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
    The piece is UV protected
    There is a final layer of wax to seal it. 

    All the care instructions will be on the back of the painting.