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Dawn Mist captures the enchanting vistas glimpsed through the cold mists lifting off the lochs, moorlands and pine forests. Witnessing the landscape’s blurred colours and shapes slowly come into focus to the soundtrack of the dawn chorus.


  • Painted by hand in London and inspired by my travels to the Scottish Highlands, this silk scarf is hand-crafted in Como, Italy.
  • It is printed on a luxury 100% silk twill, with a hand rolled hem. 
  • You will receive your scarf in its elegant hand-folded origami gift envelope sealed with a wax stamp.



  • Teal, Emerald and Moss Green with a touch of Yellow 

Dawn Mist · Luxury silk twill 90cm

  • 90 x 90 cm
    100% Silk Twill 
    Hand rolled hem

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