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About my Workshops

Group classes and 1:1 sessions 

As a painter, designer and photographer I can guide you through 
the different steps of the making of a visual piece: from the initial inspiration and concept to the simplification of the idea, from the creation of a balanced composition to the use of harmonic shapes, from the sobriety of colours to the right choice of materials.

Above all I'll inspire you to dive deeper in your creative soul, trust your intuition, take risks and express yourself freely. I deeply believe art has the power to awaken and reconnect us with ourself. You'll just have to take the first step to begin your transformational journey.

GROUPS & 1-1

I work with small groups as this allow me to challenge people individually in order to help them reach the next level and see their own creative potential.
Have a look at the
calendar 2019.

When I work 1-to-1 I customise the sessions with you and I adjust them as we go along


The atmosphere of my workshops is always informal, uplifting and sharing because creativity is better ignited when there is a good vibe with people who are around us.  The main aspect of my workshops is to put an emphasis on the experimental side and on the creative process of the whole act of making art. 


- watercolour (basics, experimental, botanical, landscape)
- oil painting (basics, renaissance techniques and still life)
- drawing (observational, travel sketching and mark-making)
- mixed-media acrylics (basics, still life, abstract)
- colour theory
- photography (basics, nature, street photography and reportage for NGOs). Have a look at  my photography website to know more.

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educational background 



For groups I teach in my studio and in various locations in London, such as museums, charities, cultural and community centres.

For 1-to-1 tuition I offer sessions in my studio in central London, at your home or via Skype (we can use Skype for art review sessions and questions you may have between a session and another) Please bear in mind, Skype cannot always replace a face to face work session.


Feel free get in touch via  email I'll be happy to have a chat about your creative goals and how I can help you achieve them! 


“Not only inspirational. Stefania's class has been truly wonderful! Her experimental approach has made me appreciate the playful side of watercolour” 

—  Victoria

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